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Relevanssi Premium – WordPress Search Plugin v 2.24.1

Relevanssi Premium v2.24.1:

Download Relevanssi Pro v2.24.1 – The WordPress Search Plugin You Need Nulled Free
= v2.24.1 =

* New feature: The debugging tab now shows the status of the ‘relevanssi_words’ option.
* Changed behaviour: The ‘relevanssi_index_content’ and ‘relevanssi_index_titles’ filter hooks now get the post object as a second parameter.
* Minor fix: Stop Relevanssi from blocking the feed searches.
* Minor fix: Remove warning from missing blog_id parameter.
* Minor fix: Improve exact match boosts with accented letters.
* Minor fix: Entering synonyms in Polylang all languages mode was possible; it shouldn’t be.
* Minor fix: Relevanssi is now blocked in the reusable content block search.



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