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Exertio – Freelance Marketplace WordPress Theme V1.2.7

Updates: v 1.2.7 —- December 13th, 2023


1. Fixed When an Employer tries to create a dispute against the completed services, the services are not showing.
2. Fixed admin can’t show as a Freelancer and Employers on the Freelancer and Employer search pages.
3. Fixed the product description is not showing in the Freelancer packages.
4. Fixed the product type “Freelancer Packages” is shown on the shop page.
5. Fixed Employer and Freelancer package issues.
6. Fixed Earnings and spending counting issue.

Feature Added:

1.Added the Custom offer Feature for the Services.
2.Added the Profile Scoring feature for the Freelancer. On the base of scoring you can show/hide Freelancers from the search page.

Exertio – Freelance Marketplace WordPress Theme

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Exertio: v1.2.7
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