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Jannah – Newspaper Magazine News BuddyPress AMP v7.0.6 Free

Jannah Theme Compatible With:

  1. WordPress 6.x
  2. PHP 8.x
  3. bbPress 2.6.x
  4. BuddyPress 10.x
  5. WooCommerce 7.x
  6. Twitter API v2

Earning Features:

  1. Patreon Support Sytem
  2. Buy Me Coffee
  3. Google Adsense Manager
  4. Advanced Adblocker Detector


  1. Built-in & easy to setup Google Search
  2. Best Speed Performance
  3. Google Web Stories
  4. One Click copy Shortlink box
  5. New Sticky Share Button Style
  6. Improved Post Views
  7. Author Signatures
  8. Custom Logo for Mobile
  9. Custom title for the post in single post view
  10. Snapchat Widget
  11. New Instagram Plugin
  12. Day & Night Mode
  13. And much more…
Version HistoryDownloads
Jannah Theme: 7.0.6
Jannah Theme: 6.3.0
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