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ListingPro – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme v2.9.1 Free

ListingPro Theme v2.9.1:

Free Download ListingPro v2.9.1 – WordPress Directory Theme Nulled Free 13th Sep 2023 | v2.9.1

  • Fixed: Elementor Compatibility Issue

Some common features that directory and listing themes like ListingPro typically offer:

  1. Advanced Search and Filtering: Users can search for listings based on various criteria such as location, category, price range, and more.
  2. User Registration and Profile Management: Allows users to create accounts, submit listings, and manage their profiles.
  3. Listing Submission: Users can submit their own listings, including information like title, description, images, contact details, and more.
  4. User Reviews and Ratings: Visitors can leave reviews and ratings for listings, helping others make informed decisions.
  5. Maps Integration: Integration with mapping services like Google Maps to display the location of listings.
  6. Monetization Options: Ability to charge users for listing submissions, featured listings, or other premium services.
  7. Payment Integration: Integration with payment gateways to process transactions securely.
  8. Membership Plans: Offer different membership levels with varying benefits and pricing for listing owners.
  9. Customizable Design: Options for customizing the look and feel of your directory website, including colors, fonts, and layout.
  10. Responsive Design: Ensures that your directory website looks and functions well on various devices, including mobile phones and tablets.
  11. Social Media Integration: Share listings on social media platforms and allow users to log in using their social media accounts.
  12. Claim Listings: Allow business owners to claim and manage their listings if they are already listed on your directory.
  13. Reporting and Analytics: Track website usage, user behavior, and listing performance through built-in analytics tools.
  14. SEO Optimization: Built-in SEO features to help improve the search engine visibility of your directory website.
  15. Translation and Localization: Support for multiple languages and localization to reach a broader audience.
  16. Security Features: Protect against spam and fraudulent listings with built-in security measures.
  17. Email Notifications: Send automated email notifications for various events, such as new listing submissions or reviews.
  18. Integration with Third-Party Plugins: Compatibility with various WordPress plugins to extend functionality.

Please keep in mind that these features are based on the typical functionality of directory and listing WordPress themes. The specific features and options of ListingPro may vary, so it’s essential to review the theme’s official documentation or website for the most accurate and up-to-date information about version 2.9.1 or any subsequent releases. Additionally, make sure to comply with any licensing and usage terms associated with the theme.

ListingPro – Best WordPress Directory Theme v2.9.1

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ListingPro: v2.9.1
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