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WP Mail SMTP Pro v3.9.0 Free Download

WP Mail SMTP Pro, now at version 3.9.0, is a WordPress plugin that takes the hassle out of email deliverability issues. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the features and improvements brought by WP Mail SMTP Pro v3.9.0 and why it’s a game-changer for WordPress users.

Email communication is at the heart of any online business or website. Whether you’re sending out newsletters, transactional emails, or customer support responses, ensuring that your emails reach their intended recipients is paramount.

WP Mail SMTP Pro at a Glance:

WP Mail SMTP has long been the go-to solution for WordPress users looking to improve email deliverability. It allows you to send WordPress emails using a secure SMTP server instead of relying on the default server settings, which can often lead to email delivery problems.

Key Features of WP Mail SMTP Pro:

  1. Easy SMTP Setup: With a straightforward setup process, It enables users of all technical backgrounds to configure SMTP for their WordPress site.
  2. Email Log: Keep track of all emails sent from your WordPress site with an email log. This feature helps you troubleshoot email issues and monitor your email communication.
  3. OAuth 2.0 for Gmail: Securely connect your WordPress site to Gmail using OAuth 2.0, ensuring a safe and reliable email delivery method.
  4. Amazon SES Integration: Seamlessly integrate Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) to send high volumes of emails with great deliverability.
  5. Other Mailers: It support various mailer services, including SendGrid, Mailgun, and SMTP.com, offering flexibility in choosing the best email delivery method for your needs.

Notable Features in WP Mail SMTP Pro v3.9.0:

With the release of version 3.9.0, WP Mail SMTP Pro introduces several exciting features and improvements:

  1. Advanced Logging Options: This version offers enhanced logging options, allowing you to choose which specific events to log. This helps streamline the email log and troubleshoot issues more efficiently.
  2. Improved Email Log Search: Enjoy a more user-friendly email log search experience, making it easier to find and review specific email communications.
  3. Email Tracking for Performance: Keep tabs on your email delivery performance with detailed tracking information, helping you identify any bottlenecks in your email system.
  4. Better Compatibility: With the latest versions of WordPress, making it a reliable choice for your email needs.

Benefits of WP Mail SMTP Pro:

  • Enhanced Email Deliverability: By using trusted SMTP servers and advanced features and significantly improves email deliverability rates, reducing the chances of emails ending up in spam folders.
  • Ease of Use: The plugin’s intuitive interface and straightforward setup process make it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.
  • Detailed Email Logs: The email log feature provides transparency into your email communications, allowing you to monitor and troubleshoot email-related issues effectively.
  • Wide Range of Integrations: It supports various email delivery services, offering flexibility and reliability.

What is WP mail SMTP used for?

WP Mail SMTP Pro v3.9.0 is a crucial tool for any WordPress website owner or developer who relies on email communication.

Why use SMTP?

WP Mail SMTP Pro ensures that your emails reach your audience reliably and consistently. Upgrade to WP Mail SMTP Pro v3.9.0 today to experience improved email deliverability and a more seamless email communication process.

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