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JupiterX Theme – Website Builder For WordPress & WooCommerce v3.4.6 Free Download

JupiterX Theme v3 is our vision of an ideal WordPress and WooCommerce website builder

With nearly a decade of excellence under its belt and thanks to its unrivaled flexibility, ease of use and extensive customization capability, JupiterX Theme has become a household name in the world of website building.

With Jupiter X v3 we are continuing to make Jupiter X more capable, more intuitive and less dependent on third-party tools.


  1. Layout Builder with advanced conditional display
  2. Mega Menu builder
  3. Native replacement to nearly all essential Elementor Pro widgets
  4. Motion Effects & Lottie Animations
  5. Role Manager
  6. Show personalized product lists
  7. Advanced Product filter widget
  8. Product Variation Swatches
  9. Advanced checkout builder with Express checkout, auto-complete, repopulate, in-line validation and more
  10. Personalized 1-click order bump
  11. Sales Funnel Builder
  12. Personalized 1-click upsell and downsell
  13. Dynamic discount at checkout
  14. Smart Coupons
  15. Smart checkout notices
  16. Advanced shop analytics
  17. Global widgets
  18. Custom Fonts
  19. Custom Icons
  20. Custom code

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