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GravityView – Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Websites v2.19.4

GravityView v2.19.4

Download GravityView v2.19.4 – Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website Nulled Free

  • v2.19.4 on November 2, 2023 =
  • * Improved: View editor performance, especially with Views with a large number of fields
  • * Improved: “Link to Edit Entry,” “Link to Single Entry,” and “Delete Entry” fields are now more easily accessible at the top of the field picker in the View editor
  • * Fixed: PHP 8.1+ deprecation notice

GravityView v2.19.2

Download GravityView v2.19.2 – Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website Nulled Free v2.19.2 on October 19, 2023 =

  • Fixed: Merge tags were still not working in the Custom Content field after the fix in 2.19.1

GravityView v2.18.7

Download GravityView v2.18.7 – Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website Nulled Free v2.18.7 on September 21, 2023

  • Improved: `[gvlogic]` shortcode now works with the [Dashboard Views](https://github.com/GravityKit/Dashboard-Views) add-on in the WordPress admin area
  • Fixed: The Recent Entries widget results would be affected when browsing a View: the search query, page number, and sorting would affect the displayed entries
  • Fixed: Activation of View types (e.g., Maps, DataTables) would fail in the View editor
  • Fixed: Image preview (file upload field) not working if the file is uploaded to Dropbox using the Gravity Forms Dropbox add-on
  • Updated: [Foundation](https://www.gravitykit.com/foundation/) to version 1.2.4
  • _______Developer Updates:_______
  • Added: `gk/gravityview/approve_link/return_url` filter to modify the return URL after entry approval
  • Improved: Added third argument to `gravity view_get_connected_views()` to prevent including joined forms in the search

GravityView v2.18.6

Download Gravity View v2.18.6 – Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Website Nulled Free v2.18.6 on September 7, 2023

  • Improved: Introduced a gear icon to the editor tabs that brings you directly to the Settings metabox
  • Improved: Support for RTL languages
  • Updated: [Foundation](https://www.gravitykit.com/foundation/) to version 1.2.2

Gravity View is a WordPress plugin that enhances the functionality of Gravity Forms, a popular form-building plugin for WordPress. With Gravity View, you can display Gravity Forms entries on your website in various ways. Here are some key features and capabilities of Gravity View:

  1. Display Gravity Forms Entries: Gravity View allows you to showcase entries submitted through Gravity Forms on the front end of your website.
  2. Customizable Views: Create customizable views to display form entries as tables, lists, or other formats, making it easy for users to access and interact with the data.
  3. Search and Sort: Users can search, filter, and sort entries based on specific criteria, making it simple to find the information they need.
  4. Pagination: Implement pagination for long lists of entries, improving page load times and user experience.
  5. Edit and Delete Entries: Depending on your settings, users may have the ability to edit or delete their own entries from the front end.
  6. Front-End Data Submission: Enable users to submit data directly from the front end of your website, which can be useful for creating directories, listings, or other user-generated content.
  7. Customizable Entry Layouts: Customize how each entry is displayed, including which fields to show, their order, and the formatting.
  8. Multiple Entry Sources: Display entries from multiple forms or data sources in one view, allowing for complex data presentations.
  9. Integration with Gravity Forms Add-Ons: Gravity View integrates seamlessly with various Gravity Forms add-ons, expanding its functionality further.
  10. Conditional Logic: Use conditional logic to control which entries are displayed based on user input or other criteria.
  11. Security Features: Implement access controls to restrict who can view, edit, or delete entries.
  12. Email Notifications: Set up email notifications to alert administrators or users when new entries are submitted.
  13. CSV Export: Export entries as CSV files for data analysis or backup purposes.
  14. Support for Shortcodes: Easily embed views into posts, pages, or widgets using shortcodes.
  15. Responsive Design: Views created with Gravity View are typically responsive, ensuring they look good on various devices.

It is a powerful tool for creating dynamic content on your WordPress site using Gravity Forms data. Whether you want to display directory listings, user-submitted content, or any other form of data and simplifies the process and offers customization options to meet your specific needs.

GravityView Latest Update- Display Gravity Forms Entries on Your Websites 

Gravity View: v2.19.4
Gravity View: v2.19.2
Gravity View: v2.18.7
Gravity View: v2.18.6
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